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Chicken business currently has a pretty big opportunity. It is seen from the increasing demand every year. The high demand is because many people, especially among middle to upper level, which has been saturated with chicken boiler. On the other hand,
the limited supply of farmers and ranchers are very difficult to get a chicken at the same age and uniform in large quantities. At this time also high demand for chicken is not followed by adequate inventory dipetani breeders, due to market demand is usually met with cocks or afkiran laying hens. Limitations do not chicken out of the relatively few

people or breeders who wish to commercially raising chicken. In general, they assume that the maintenance of chicken takes a long time at high cost. The farmers are generally more interested in raising chickens boiler because harvest time is relatively short, so do not be surprised if the little chicken farmer.
In terms of management, maintenance is relatively easy chicken and lower investment compared to the chicken. If we see now, the maintenance management more difficult because of boiler chickens demanding a better environment. In fact, perkandangan was already leading to a closed cage that cost so much. Chicken has advantages compared with the chicken / berkut boiler like this:
• It can be cultivated on land that is not so wide,
• Can be maintained in extensive, semi-intensive, or intensive,
• The immune system is stronger than the chicken,
• The sale price is relatively higher than that of chicken,
• chicken meat taste more acceptable to the people of Indonesia, and
• Can create new jobs, good for family farmers or ranchers. 

Strategies are needed in chicken farming in order to maintain continuity of chicken farming, among others, as follows:

A. To start the maintenance of the farmer should be able to see the situation change in temperature or climate of them occurred in chicken farms, it is important to avoid disease or losses arising from

chickens are not able to adapt to the climatic environment that is happening. The climate is advisable for farmers to begin the transition of maintenance is the end of the season or the end of the rainy season to the dry season. Because of differences in climate temperature is not so pronounced once and can be accepted by the chicken, and traditional herbs should still be given.

2. Compute the time Indonesian culture, this is important because it affects the price of crops that will be obtained. Maintenance time should be calculated starting from the harvest to the back so it will obtain the appropriate time when to start maintaining a proper fit so that the fall harvest at high prices.

3. Maintain the availability of chicken at the farm. It is important to maintain continuity so marketing needs to be calculated whether the procurement of seed and harvest time weekly, monthly or monthly middle.

4. Congratulations to run cattle farming ... SURE YOU CAN believe and KEY TO SUCCESS is the Intention, resilient, and certainly CAPITAL.

Choosing a DOC

"A good DOC is derived from a good breeder as well" ... it is the opinion of some people. Experience I have ever experienced is different again. Initially all fine until I wanted to develop the business to know the cause muasalnya. Why?? I also learned from it all ... that what was presented of any theory or writing is not as easy as with the existing field.

It is also true if we are to succeed in business let it run its course. Do not ngoyo. do not be ridiculous, and especially random. Especially about the DOC. Chicken seeds that have not seen whether it is real chicken or cheesy ... OOOOO ... ... The purpose of this paper is to provide motivation to novice breeders who want to start a business in the cultivation of chicken rearing. There are so many out there that offer up our DOC confused selection. I suggest if you want to get the correct DOC make sure you really know where the egg-egg DOC candidate was obtained, whether the eggs of chicken breeders and male village where the original or from chicken breeders with male petelor Java, or a good chicken arab to eggs?? To find it, you really should try to buy some tail first and believe that you get is the actual DOC chicken. But not absolutely directly caught by the arrival of DOC that the stable, you should strive to live it first to mature and ready to sell new deh know. My experience is two times the gain derived from cruciferous DOC arab cock .. the result that 55 days should be sanpai can be harvested 80 days, and of the price is equated with super chicken or chicken if supermarket B is below the actual price of chicken. From DOC come true can be seen if the candidate had the comb is shaped like a rooster .. small taper comb already .. It must have been Arab or chicken chicken cross crowsing. If the color of the feathers can not be seen because it is subject to change. Kalo of activity, this kind of chicken crowsing more active and are scared of the man while the real chicken is more familiar with humans. 

KAMPUNG chicken coop
Many different models for the chicken coop ranging from very simple to the highly sophisticated equipment that has been used. Of an open model to the closed model. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the cage open and closed systems

Enclosure of open systems
Have airways that are free
Can be seen from the outside at any time
Has a maximum capacity
The downside:
Floor of the cage base often damp if it rains because the rain water can splash into the enclosure and directly absorb the cold air at night.
Chickens less attention focused on food and water for more attention to the situation outside the cage and likes running around.
Closed-cage systems

Focus more on maintenance because the chicken is more focused on the situation and just have a desire to eat and drink so as to accelerate growth and chickens do not like running.
It's easier in the care home because they have the bed 3 cm thick husk that is always retain moisture due to feed and water systems that are put depend.
Air temperature in the enclosure is relatively stable and protected from splashing rain and cold air at night.
The downside:
The size of the cage needs to be skating or barrier, thereby reducing the width of the cage.
Can not be seen from the outside at any time.


Capital playing chicken

Playing chicken aka chicken rearing culture (native) as well as intensive chicken rearing chicken boiler (race) require sufficient capital to what is produced can be maximized. Here is the

financing of enlargement cultured chicken that I have written off. literature may be useful as you start a business in chicken rearing.

A. DOC cost per-head @ Rp. 3700, -
2. Feed cost per-head to 70 days @ USD. 4700, - as much as 2 kg per head.
3. Operational (power + water + vaccine + husks) 10% of the feed @ Rp. 470, -

For the enlargement of 1000 tails
A. 1000 DOC Procurement ekor@Rp.3.700, - = Rp. 3.7 million, -
2. 1000 feed costs head x 2 kg @ Rp. 4700, - = Rp. 9.4 million, -
3. Operating 10% x Rp. 9.4 million, - = Rp. 940 000, -
Total cost of Rp. 14.51 million, -

With a mortality of 2% of sales, last month the price of chicken is Rp. 20,000, kg.
Tail sales of 980 x 0.85 kg @ Rp. 20,000, - = Rp. 16.66 million, -

Profit of Rp. 16.66 million - Rp. 14.51 million = Rp. 2.15 million, -

Thus the results of analysis of cultured chicken rearing is my telatenin. Profit is sales in the basket above the ngambil directly to my place. Not to mention diwarung sold at a price per head of at least Rp. 25,000 / tail. not so bad. Hopefully this can become a passion for those of you who want to try the cultivation of chicken rearing. Not have to worry about starting from a little later if you had a less happy please add more.

Village Super Chicken

This super chicken face ... was really super well ... they are more familiar with its human and harvest more

just 55 days short. Chicken hybrid males with females laying hens of Java is its price is more expensive but the DOC selling price of his crop was lower than the original chicken. Selengkapnya...




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